greeny bastard
spoiled brain
no,look, are WEIRD!

-do you love him?
-i do
-does he love you?
-do i know?
-he will not tell?
-do i know?
i don't understand that guy.first we are friends,then he tells me he loves me,then we are friends again,then we fucking quarrel,then he leaves,then comes back telling me he loves,then we are friends again,then he loves me,then we quarrel because i'm not who he needs,then he leaves,then he hates me,then he comes back and tells smth like:
- i did it to keep in touch with you

and still.i feel how much you love you are trying to do something,anything with this,how you are hiding that from anyone.and from yourself,too.because you know-she will never be yours.never.i know her too well.she will be around,will keep in touch,because loves you in some way,but never yours.
listen,i would put her shoes on if i could,i would make her love you as much as you do love her,if i just could.and if it could make you happy for the rest of your life for sure.i would,i swear.

"love me,love me,love me,love me,love me,love me,love me,i will be whoever you want
use me
change me
i can become tiny,with big tits and wonderful hair
tear me apart
turn into whatever you want
just love me." (c) Invisible Monsters