greeny bastard
spoiled brain

i just wanted to write a letter to you.the problem is that you removed your e-mail box,left this one known to me icq number and there's no way i can get to you now.

listen,love,i don't know what to start with.maybe that the way you left was unfair,that you decided everything without even asking me.again.i should've got used already,but i simply cannot sit with no emotions on my face when everything i hear is "fuck it" and constant removing me from your contact-list,life.

love,i know how bad you feel about being such a terrible gossip,how horrible it is for you to realize that you've almost ruined such a heavenly marriage.but you know,they've decided to forgive you,they both have.i can almost feel she misses're a part of a big-big family forgives everything,no matter what or how.then i got a question for you...why won't you forgive me?i was cold,freaky,sarcastic,evil maybe.but i never,hear me?never i wanted to separate with you,never wanted to lurk,read your blog just to know what's going on with you.i don't want to be one of these stupid girls.

come back,sunshine,it's cold without you.i have to hug classmates,all these jerks just to not feel so alone,to get some warmth,though i can't get anything like what i got when you were with me.if you could feel how much i miss you,how much i want you back,how much it hurts to hear your voice...

honestly,i've thought i fallen out of love with you,thought i started to hate you,but the same very second you left i understood i am nothing,that i really do love you like i've never loved anyone else.

i've written all that to you already,it never mattered thought.

come back.please.